Winter 2022/2023 Season

The Winter Season should be starting on 13th October 22.

This season there is a slight change in the way there are 2 free weeks available for anyone who wishes to use them. These dates are on Thursday 1st December 2022 and Thursday 2nd March 2023. If you guys wish to bring the last 2 games forward you may use the date of 2nd March to do so.

Competition Registration Night will be Tuesday 25th October 22 of which a venue and a time being arranged by the Competition Secretary, so more info soon on the league dates on the website.

The TKO will be drawn on the first week of the new season ready for the first round of which CWMC (OZB) will be seeded into the 3rd round for winning the plate last season (Summer 22).

Please can you keep this week free as the captains meeting should be starting from 6th October to 13th October as I know you guys like to set up some friendly matches in between the season.

The captains should be in they're new what's app groups in a few weeks so please keep an eye out.

Any questions please contact Jay Burgess on 07368 996849 until your in your divisional what app groups then it your divisional secretary will take over.

Jay Burgess.

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