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Team KO First Round Draw (Summer 2023)

Team KO First Round Draw (Summer 2023) – Thursday 4th May, 8.30pm Start time

Dear CAPL members,

The draw for the first round of the TKO was done last night at our committee meeting. The draw was performed by Marcus Garner (Division One Secretary), Dave Edwards (Premier Division Secretary), Ricky Hooks (Division Two Secretary) and witnessed and assisted by myself.

For the TKO this year, there are 21 Seeded teams. These teams will not enter the TKO until the Third Round of the competition. That leaves 43 Teams that are entered into the First Round of the TKO.

The seeded teams are all of the Premier League, and Division One teams, one team from Division Two plus Brewery Tap (A) who won the TKO Plate last season.

The Draw for the first round in full is below – Matches to be played on Thursday 4th May, 8.30pm start time. New players can be registered on the night. Home Teams are on the left hand side:

Carlton Arms v Bottisham CSSC

Hardwick SSB (B) vThe Prem (C)

The Prem (B) v Caldecote (B)

Salisbury (D) v CWMC OZB

Caldecote SC (A) v Tev (A)

Milton 8 Ball v Ship (A)

Dobblers (A) v King Street Run (X)

Tev (X-Cons) v Hardwick SSC (A)

Fulbourn Institute Amber Army v Salisbury (B)

Sir Isaac Newton v Bell Inn (Balsham)

Girton SC v Plough (A)

WT's Rumbles v White Lion Exiles

White Horse (SWY) v White Horse (Milton) Cues

Newton SSC (B) v Newnham SC

Rathmore (Q) v Over CC

Girton Finest v Histon RBL (Z)

Ship (B) v The Prem (A)

The Prem (D) v NCI Moonshine

Plough (B) v Hopbind (B)

Hat & Rabbit v Chestnut Tree

NCI (S) v Dobblers (B)

The Tigers have a bye in the first round.

I’m also going to create a First Round TKO Whatsapp group this week, and add all the team captains in this round of the cup on there. You will then post your scorecards on that page – and can ask me any questions you may have before your matches too.

If you have any questions/queries regarding the TKO that you want to contact me on directly, my number is: 07725415446

For clarity, the 21 seeded teams by name are below:



King Street Run (A)

CU Allstars

Rathmore (Arbers)

King Street Run (H)

Bar Hill SC

Tev Pistols

White Horse (Foxton)

Brewery Tap In's

WT’s Sports Bar

Rathmore (B)


White Horse (Milton) Exports


Fox (LB)

Fulbourn SSC (MC)

Red Lion

Hopbind (A)

Newton SSC (A)

Brewery Tap (A)


Anita Browne

TKO Secretary

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