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Winter 2021/2022 Team Structure.


  1. Fulbourn Institute (A)

  2. King Street Run (A)

  3. King Street Run (H)

  4. Rathmore (Abers)

  5. Rathmore (B)

  6. Red Lion

  7. WTs G.O.A.Ts ~ formally CSC (XIV)

  8. WT’s Sports Bar

  9. WT’s HopBind

  10. WT’s (yktd)

Div 1

  1. Brewery Tap In’s ~ formally CSC (M)

  2. CU All Stars ~ formally CSC Penguins

  3. Fox (LB)

  4. Fulbourn SSC (R) ~formally CSC (R)

  5. Grapes (A)

  6. Salisbury Club (A)

  7. Sir Isaac Newton (A)

  8. White Horse (Foxton)

  9. White Horse (Milton) Exports ~ Portland (B)

Div 2

  1. Bar Hill SSC (A)

  2. Fulbourn Institute (Amber)

  3. Fulbourn SSC (IDA)

  4. Grapes (B) ~ formally CSC O.G

  5. Hardwick SSC (A)

  6. Histon RBL (B)

  7. Milton (A) ~ formally Milton 8 Ball (A)

  8. Plough (A)

  9. Tev Club (X-Cons)

  10. WT’s Uni (A) ~ formally Cambridge Uni (A)

Div 3

  1. Dobblers (A)

  2. Histon RBL (Z)

  3. Milton (OZB) ~ formally CSC (OZB)

  4. Newton SSC (A)

  5. Rathmore (Q)

  6. Tev Club (A)

  7. Tev Club (Pistols)

  8. White Horse (Milton) Cues ~ formally Portland Cues

  9. White Lion (Exiles) ~ formally White Lion (A) (SWT)

Div 4

  1. Bottisham SSC

  2. Carlton Arms

  3. Chestnut Tree

  4. C U Old Skool ~ formally CSC Old Skool

  5. Hat & Rabbit

  6. HopBind

  7. Milton (B) ~ formally Milton 8 Ball (Rejects)

  8. Milton (D) ~ formally Sir Isaac Newton (B)

  9. Over SSC ~ formally Admiral Vernon

  10. 10. White Horse (SWY)

Div 5

  1. Brewery Tap (A)

  2. Chesterton WMC (Ship)

  3. Dobblers (B)

  4. Fulbourn Institute (Misfits)

  5. Hardwick SSC (B)

  6. King Street Run (X)

  7. Milton Arms (Ship)

  8. Salisbury Club (B)

  9. WT’s Uni (B)

Div 6

  1. Bar Hill (A)

  2. Bell Inn (Balsham)

  3. Caldecode SC

  4. Girton (A)

  5. Milton (C)

  6. NCI Moonshine

  7. Newton SSC (B)

  8. Pavillion

  9. Whittleford SSC

Key: Teams promoted from division below Teams Relegated form division above Moved up to make the division structure from the position they are in from the previous season Completely New Teams Teams which are new, but have played in the league before

New Season Notes:

  • CSC Gunz has folded their team this season and due to this one extra team has gone up into the prem, which in this case is the Red Lion.

  • Rathmore Flintstones (they were in division 2) have folded their team, so an extra team has been from div 3.

  • Rathmore Q have re-entered the league and with the states from the players have been added into div 3.

  • Black Bull (A) have folded from Div 4 and won’t be entered into the new season and also won’t be relegated in the new season.

  • Black Bull (B) have folded from Div 5 but won’t be entered in new season and wont get promoted.

  • Monkfield Arms (B) team has folded and won’t be relegated in the new season.

  • NCI have folded from div 6 but wont entered into the season and won’t be promoted.

  • Monkfield Arms (A) have folded from Div 6.

  • The old div 5 has only one team left from the winter season (Milton 8 Ball (B)) so it might look like they haven’t been promoted or relegated, but they are still in div 6 in the new season as the old div 5 has gone.

  • Bell Inn (Balsham) is a new team and has no states in the league.

Teams which have not entered in the new season and will be refunded there payment back.

CSC Gunz ~ prem Fulbourn Institute (B) ~ Div 1

Frank Lee Centre ~ Div 3

Black Bull (A) ~ Div 4 Brewery Tap Too ~ Div 4

Black Bull ~ Div 5 Monkfield Arms (A) ~ Div 6

NCI ~ Div 6 Girton SC (B) ~ Div 7 Plough (B) ~ Div 7 Fox Reloaded ~ Div 7 Histon RBL (M) ~ New Team

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