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TKO First Round Results (Winter 21/22 Season)

Thank you to everyone gave me the results in time. much appreciate.

The Results are as followed:

1. White Lion (Exiles) 4-5 Caldecode SC

2. Whittleford SC 4-5 Chestnut Tree

3. King Street Run (X) 3-6 Rathmore (Q)

4. Hop Bind 6-3 Fulbourn SSC (IDA)

5. Teversham. Club (Xcons) 8-1 Bell Inn (Balsham)

6. Milton (OZB) 5-4 Dobblers (B)

7. Newton SSC (B) 2-7 White Horse (SWY)

8. Dobblers (A) 5-4 Milton (C)

9. C U Old Skool 6-3 Fulbourn Institute (Misfits)

10. Brewery Tap (A) 5-4 Over SSC

11. Hat & Rabbit 7-2 Pavillion

12. Chesterton WMC (Ship) 4-5 White Horse (Milton) Cues

13. Salisbury (B) 2-7 Tev. Club. (A)

14. Bar Hill SSC (B) O-W WT’s Uni (A)

15. Milton (A) 5-4 Fulbourn Institute (Amber)

16. Tev. Club. (Pistols) 8-1 Milton Arms (Ship)

17. WT’s Uni (B) 7-2 Hardwick SSC (B)

18. Hardwick SSC (A) 4-5 Carlton Arms

19. Histon R.B.L (Z) 3-6 Newton SSC (A)

20. Plough (A) 5-4 Milton (D)

21. NCI Moonshine 4-5 Bottisham CSSC

22. Girton SC (A) 4-5 Milton (B)

I shall be updating the new players on the website over the next few days.

The draw for the 2nd round will be done on Tuesday 12th October at around 9pm so please keep an eye open and please note your numbers on this draw as I’ll be using them for this draw.

Any questions please contact Jay Burgess on 07368 996849 or

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