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Summer 23 Registration Night and AGM

Tuesday 14th March is our Summer 23 registration night and AGM at Cambridge Working Mens Club.

Registration is between 7pm and 8pm with AGM starting shortly after 8pm.

The registration form is in the link here and if you are after a word doc format please contact jay for it. (You need to click on the top one on. the list to in downloads area to get the form

With this AGM we will be voting on the rule set change and weather we move forward with International Rules from world rules and how we are going to go about changing them through summer season.

We advise you those wishing to know what is going to be happening with the rule set to attend the AGM so you can be kept update.

The proposals constitution Amendments are as followed.

Section 11.2: At each AGM the committee will propose a registration fee for the following winter season. From: £35 to £40.


Section 15.3: From: Any player that has already played a frame in the TKO/TKOP and subsequently transfers team in the current season, will be considered ‘cup tied’ and ineligible to play the TKO/TKOP forthwith, to Any player that has played in the TKO after Round 2 of the main TKO competition or played in any round of the TKO Plate in the current season, and subsequently transfers team in the current season, will be considered 'cup tied' and ineligible to play in the TKO/TKO Plate forthwith.


Section 16.10: From: Penalty could be loss of any points gained, up to 5 point deduction or a ban depending on circumstances. To Penalty could be loss of any points gained and/or up to 20 point deduction and/or a ban on players and/or a team, depending on circumstances

Section 14.10: All matches are to be played according to EPA World Rules and guidelines to All matches are to be played according to EPA/UPG international 8 Ball lRules and guidelines. If voted accordingly.

Section 24.2: All competitions to be played to world rules unless specified otherwise. To be changed to All competitions to be played to international 8 ball rules unless specified otherwise. . If voted accordingly.

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