Results of the 2nd round of the Mens Doubles Competition (Winter 2021/2022)

See the below for the results of the second stage of the Men's Doubles competition. Congratulations to Sammy Cradock & Karl Day, and Ross MacIntyre & Sean O'Boyle for qualifying for the final, to be held on Wednesday 23rd March.

WT's Sports Bar:

Garry Browne & Carl McDonald 2-3 Matt Whalley & Jake Hills

Jason Mills & Liam Mills 3-2 Ben Clements & Nathan Sanders

Ross MacIntyre & Sean O'Boyle 3-2 Rich Jones & Will Scott

Sammy Cradock & Karl Day 3-2 Matt Whalley & Jake Hills

Jason Mills & Liam Mills 1-3 Ross MacIntyre & Sean O'Boyle

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