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Final Weeks Results (Winter 2019/2020)

Here are the results from this season's long-awaited finals!

Seniors Handicapped

Richard Westley 5-2 Dave Edwards

Men's Doubles

Tony Sutton & John Smith 4-3 Steve Dobbyne & Paul Andrews

Men's Singles Plate

Dylan Palmer 5-3 Daniel Shipp

Men's Singles

John Nixon 1-5 Carl McDonald

Captains Cup

Jamie Burch 7-5 Lewis Jordan

Chris Marchant 7-4 Daniel Shipp

Jamie Burch 5-4 Chris Marchant

Landlord's Cup (played March 2020)

Darren Diver 3-0 Dave Edwards

Unfortunately, a withdrawal meant the Ladies' Singles final was not played, Kim O'Brien is champion for this season. Congratulations to all our competition champions!

Comp Winner Runner-up

Men's Singles Carl McDonald John Nixon

Men's Singles Plate Dylan Palmer Daniel Shipp

Ladies' Singles Kim O'Brien Carly Dawson

Men's Doubles Tony Sutton & John Smith Steve Dobbyne & Paul Andrews

Mixed Doubles Sue McGugan & Karl Knight Sammy Cradock & Amanda Rout Scotch Trebles Matt Whalley & Karl Day & Jake Hills Steve Dobbyne & Nick Hope &

Brett Noden

Seniors Handicapped Rich Westley Dave Edwards

Captains Cup Jamie Burch Chris Marchant

Landlords Cup Darren Diver Dave Edwards

Congratulations to all our competition winners (and runners-up)! If you've yet to collect your trophy, please contact Rex on 07590 670666 to arrange, before he starts engraving his own name on them!

Thanks to everyone for their patience, and for bearing with me in my first season running these comps, especially with the minor delay we had in arranging finals week! I'd welcome any feedback or suggestions you have, as I start to prepare for next season, so please get in touch, cheers!

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