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CAPL Open Winter 2019-20 start times & info!

Below are the start times with the £4 entry names.

For those who still wish to enter, the entry fee is now £6.

Friday’s entries who have left their name & entry fee of £6 at CSC by Friday 10pm, will be drawn into either start times, then added onto this post.

Those who pay on the day, we must receive payment by Saturday 11:30am & will be drawn into either start times.

CSC will be open between 11:00am - 11:15am.

ALL who have entered MUST on the day, register with Sophie Dodd on your arrival! (we will not be held responsible to continually wonder around CSC in search of your presence, it is your personal duty to register, making us aware of your presence! Otherwise you might be missed out on being in the draw of your start time).

Arrival times:-

*Those who pay on the day, MUST register with your £6 fee before 11:30am to enter.

*Those who have a 12:00pm start time, MUST register before 11:45am, for your name to be entered into the 12:00pm draw.

*Those who have a 1pm start time, MUST register before 12:45pm, to be entered into the 1pm draw.

If you are running late, or think you might be running late (to cover yourself), then please message the One Day Competition Secretary Sophie Dodd on 07387308774. Then Sophie will reply, acknowledging your message. Otherwise we’ll presume that you will not be attending, resulting in not being entered into the draw of your start time.

Thank you.

12:00pm start time:

John Alan Wayne Chapman

Shaun Leader

Dean Pammenter

Robert Dean

Gerald Moore

Nathan Sanders

Harry Crosby

Daniel Shipp

Ross MacIntyre

Dylan Palmer

Matt Whalley

Peter Franco

Sam Dodd

Sean Reid

Mark Roy Gedge

Dave Edwards

Mark Reid

Edward Richardson

Rex Jr Lloyd

1pm start time:

Ben Clements

Jon Stone

Simon Rivers

Sharon Crosby

Ricky Burch

James Corner

John Stewart

David Reid

Ashley Scarr

Ron ‘Nosh’ Lemmon

Michael O'Boyle (21st B-day!)

Jay Burgess

Rob Brownlie

Sean O'Boyle

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