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TKO 4th Round Draw (Summer 22)

Below is the 4th Round draw of the TKO Cup to be played on Thursday 7th July from 8.30pm.

please be aware that you are unable to sign new players on the night, but you can sign them in a league match the week before.

Any questions please contact Jay Burgess on 07368 996849.

Good Luck.

1. Fulbourn Institute (A) vs WT’s GOATS

2. King Street Run (H) vs WT’s Sports Bar

3. Pavillion vs Rathmore (Arbers)

4. White Horse Foxton vs White Horse (SWY)

5. Rathmore (B) vs Tev Pistols

6. CU Allstars vs King Street Run (A)

7. Brewery Tap In’s vs Fox (LB)

8. Newton S.S.C (A) vs Bar Hill S.S.C

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