TKO 2nd Round Results (Winter 2019/2020)

Rathmore (B) 6-3 Fulbourn SSC (IDA)

Frank Lee Centre 3-6 Newton (B)

Admiral Vernon 8-1 CSC Old Skool

Bottisham SSC W-O Monkfield Arms (A)

Ship (A) 4-3 BlackBull (B) (both teams only had 5 players)

CSC Penguins 6-3 Bar Hill SSC (B)

Histon RBL (Z) 4-5 Salisbury (A)

White Horse (SWY) 2-7 Histon RBL (B)

Rathmore (Arbers) 6-3 Tev Club (Pistols)

Dobblers (B) 4-5 Tev Club (X-Con)

Milton 8 Ball (A) W-O Sir Isaac Newton (B)

Brewery Tap Too W-O Fulbourn (Misfits)

Grapes 7-2 Fulbourn (Amber)

Portland Cues W-O Cambridge Uni (A)

Salisbury (B) 6-3 Whittlesford SSC

CSC (OZB) 2-7 Portland Arms (B)

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