Team KO Third Round Draw (Winter 2022/23)

Team KO Third Round Draw (Winter 2022/23) – Thursday 8th December, 8.30pm Start time

The draw for the Third Round of the TKO was done tonight. The draw was performed by Sophie Dodd (Division 6 Secretary), witnessed by Mark Golden (Division 4 League secretary), also witnessed and assisted by myself.

The draw for the Third Round in full is below – Matches to be played on Thursday 8th December, 8.30pm start time. New players can be registered on the night. Home Teams are on the left hand side:

Milton (B) V Newnham SC

Caldecote SC (A) V White Horse (Miltton) Exports

Fulbourn SSC (IDA) V Fox (LB)

WT's Sports Bar V Rathmore (Arbers)

C U Allstars V Fullbourn SSC (R)

Hopbind V Tev (A)

CWMC (YKTD) V King Street Run (A)

CWMC (OZB) V Brewery Tap In's

Newton SSC (A) V Dobblers (B)

Girton Bandits V Rathmore (B)

Bottisham CSSC V Plough (A)

Fulbourn Institute (Mistfits) V Grapes (A)

CWMC (A) V White Horse (Foxton)

Bar Hill SC V CWMC G.O.A.T.S

White Horse (A) (SWY) V Tev Pistols

Fulbourn Institute (Amber Army) V King Street Run (H)

I’ve already created a Third Round TKO Whatsapp group, and added all the team captains in this round of the cup on there. You will then post your scorecards on that page – and can ask me any questions you may have before your matches too.

If you have any questions/queries regarding the TKO that you want to contact me on directly, my number is: 07771 733427


Garry Browne

Team KO Secretary

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