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Results of the TKO 1st Round (Summer 2022)

1. Rathmore (Q) 7-2 Hardwick S.S.C (B)

2. Histon R.B.L (B) 3-6 Hardwick S.S.C (A)

3. C U Old Skool 5-4 Dobblers (B)

4. Milton (A) 5-4 Fulbourn Institute Misfits

5. Milton (OZB) 6-3 King Street Run (X)

6. Hat & Rabbit 3-6 HopBind

7. Pavillion 8-1 Chestnut Tree

8. White Horse (SWY) 7-2 Grapes (B)

9. Dobblers (A) 5-4 Carlton Arms

10. Over C.C 7-2 White Horse (Milton) Cues

11. Salisbury Club (B) 3-6 Caldecote S.C (B)

12. The Tigers 2-7 Histon R.B.L (Z)

13. NCI Moonshine 2-7 Tev xcons

14. Brewery Tap (A) 5-4 Fulbourn Institute Amber Army

15. Bell Inn (Balsham) 6-3 Salisbury Club (D)

16. Bye vs Tev Pistols

17. Tev A 5-4 Caldecote S.C (A)

18. Newton S.C (B) 9-0 Milton (C)

19. Milton (B) 7-2 White Lion Exiles

20. Whittlesford S.C 4-5 CWMC (Ship)

21. Milton Arms (Ship) 1-8 Bottisham C.S.S.C

22. Girton S.C 2-7 Bar Hill S.S.C

Below are the teams that are through to the 2nd Round of the TKO which is to be played 26th May

1. Rathmore (Q)

2. Hardwick S.S.C (A)

3. CU Oldskool

4. Milton (A)

5. Milton (OZB)

6. HopBind

7. Pavillion

8. White Horse (SWY)

9. Dobblers (A)

10. Over C.C

11. Caldecote S.C (B)

12. Histon R.B.L (Z)

13. Tev xcons

14. Brewery Tap (A)

15. Bell Inn (Balsham)

16. Tev Pistols

17. Tev A

18. Newton S.C (B)

19. Milton (B)

20. CWMC (Ship)

21. Bottisham C.S.S.C

22. Bar Hill S.S.C

The Draw will be done live this Monday 9th May at 6pm.

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