TKO Plate 1st Round Results (Summer 22)

Thank you for the quick results guys.

I shall let you guys know over the next few days on when I shall be doing the draw for next round, just keep an eye on the numbers against these matches.

1. Newton S.S.C (B) 7-2 White Horse (Milton) Cues

2. Hardwick S.S.C (B) 3-6 Dobblers (A)

3. Salisbury Club (B) 3-6 The Tigers

4. Milton (B) 6-3 Milton Arms (Ship)

5. Caldecote S.C (A) 7-2 NCI Moonshine

6. Milton (A) W-O Carlton Arms

7. Milton (OZB) 7-2 Fulbourn Institute Misfits

8. King Street Run (X) 6-3 Caldecote S.C (B)

9. Fulbourn Institute Amber Army 7-2 Dobblers (B)

10. Hopbind 7-2 Histon RBL (Z)

11. Hat & Rabbit 5-4 Milton (C)

12. White Lion Exiles 2-7 Hardwick S.S.C (A)

13. Whittlesford S.C W-O Salisbury Club (D)

14. CWMC (Ship) 5-4 Brewery Tap (A)

15. Histon RBL (B) 6-3 Chestnut Tree

16. Girton S.C 4-5 Grapes (B)

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