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Mixed Doubles (Winter 2019/2020)

The Mixed Doubles competition will be played on Sunday 24th November, with pairs playing at the venues listed below. Please aim to arrive at your venue for 7pm, so the draw can be made at 7:30pm, and matches can begin promptly after. The steward responsible for proceedings at each venue is indicated with a double asterisk (**).

Milton 8 Ball:

Garry Browne & Anita Browne

Rich Wharton & Kim O'Brien

Jimmy Irwin & Anna Andrews

Clare Bales & Chris Bales

Amanda Rout & Sammy Cradock**

Kurt Brewer & Tiegan Coe

WT's Sports Bar:

Sam Dodd & Sophie Dodd**

Sharon Crosby & Harry Crosby

Sue McGugan & Karl Knight

Jack Denman & Molly Denman

Claire Whiston & Darren Mitchell

Andy Green & Dawn Stonebridge

Matches to be played to standard doubles rules, players alternate turns (see constitution for details). Matches prior to the venue semi-finals will be races to two frames. The venue semi-finals and venue finals will be races to three frames. The winning pair from each venue will progress to the overall final, to be played at Milton 8 Ball on Wednesday 18th March 2020.

If you require to substitute a player in your pair (which must be confirmed by me in advance), or you have any other problems or questions, please contact me here or on 07800 712892.

PLEASE NOTE!! I mistakenly omitted Andy Green & Dawn Stonebridge from last night's draw. I have added them to the list of pairs playing at WT's (evening the numbers at each venue), rather than redo the draw. All entries for remaining comps are accounted for, and, in future, I will publish the list of entries for each comp prior to the draw! Sorry about this! 🙏

The draw was made by Dom Cooney, overseen by me, and witnessed by the good folk at Milton 8 Ball.

Best of luck to everyone!

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