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Men's Singles 1st Round Results (Winter 22/23)

Please see below results for men's singles winter 2023

Group 1

A.armstrong 1-3 N.easey

C.benstock 3-0 e.molina

N.easey and C.benstock go through

A.armstrong and e.molina go to plate

Group 2

Preliminary round

J.mills 3-2 S.dodd

B.french 3-0 m.jefferys

J.mills 3-2 M.reed

B.french 3-2 d.stacey

J.mills and B.french go through

S.dodd,m.jefferys,M.reed,d.stacey go to plate

Group 3

S.o'boyle 3-0 Kaivon

H.crosby 3-1 J.denman

S.o'boyle and H.crosby go through

Kaivon and J.denman go to plate

Group 4

Preliminary round

L.mills 1-3 K.brewer

R.arther 3-2 k.graham

K.brewer 3-1 S.johnson

K.brewer and R.arther go through

L.mills,k.graham,S.johnson go to plate

Group 5

Preliminary round 3-0 c.macdonald

D.edwards 3-2 M.gedge

B.clements 3-2 R.lloyd

D.edwards 3-0

B.clements and D.edwards go through

C.macdonald,R.lloyd,,m.Gedge go to plate

Group 6

J.chapman and s.leader go through

Group 7

Preliminary round

S.kiddes 3-1 j.corner

S.kiddes 3-0 r.murray

J.burch 3-2 R.beresford

S.kiddes and j burch go through

J.corner,r.murray,R.beresford go to plate

Group 8

N.sanders 3-1 r.hooks

W.martin 3-0 D.shipp

N.sanders and W.martin go through

R.hooks and D.shipp go to plate

Draw will take place at next committee meeting on 7th feb and to be played 26th Feb venues to be decided

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