TKO 3rd Round Draw (Summer 22)

Sorry this slightly later than normal (Jay’s been on holiday lol).

Below is the draw for the TKO 3rd Round of which all the seeded teams have now been entered into the draw. These matches are to be played on Thursday 16th June at 8.30pm.

If you have any questions or issues please contact Jay Burgess on 07368 996849.

Good Luck!

1. Bar Hill S.C vs Fulbourn S.S.C (IDA)

2. Brewery Tap In’s vs Bottisham C.S.S.C

3. White Horse (Foxton) vs Tev xcons

4. Tev Pistols vs Newnham S.C

5. Rathmore (Arbers) vs Sir Issac Newton

6. Pavillion vs Tev A

7. White Horse (Milton) Exports vs King Street Run (H)

8. King Street Run (A) vs Fulbourn S.S.C (R)

9. WT’s (YKTD) vs WT’s GOATS

10. CU Old Skool vs White Horse (SWY)

11. Rathmore (B) vs Plough (A)

12. Rathmore (Q) vs Fulbourn Institute (A)

13. Grapes (A) vs CU AllStars

14. Bell Inn (Balsham) vs Newton S.S.C (A)

15. WT’s Sports Bar vs Red Lion

16. Over C.C vs Fox L.B

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