TKO 1st Round Winter 2019/2020

Just incase you didn't see the the first round of the TKO in you captains packs here they are.

The 1st round of the TKO is on the Thursday 17th October 2019. As this is the first round you can use new players (don’t forget to put a star * against their name, even if they have played for you before).

All matches must start at 8.30pm. Please don’t forget to post the results in your What’s App divisional group or message Jay Burgess on 07960967792 by midnight on Friday or 5 days if posting it.

1st Round Fixtures:

Bye vs Fulbourn Misfits

Pavilion vs Rathmore (B)

Salisbury Club (A) vs Milton 8 Ball (Rejects)

Milton 8 Ball (A) vs Teversham Club (A)

Salisbury Club (C) vs Brewery Tap Too

Bottisham SSC vs Plough (A)

Girton (A) vs Newton (B)

Fulbourn Institute (Amber) vs CSC Moonshine

Monkfield Arms (B) vs Rathmore (Arbers)

NCI vs White Horse (SWY)

Caldecote SSC vs CSC (OZB)

King Street Run (X) vs Fulbourn SSC (IDA)

Whittleford SSC vs Rathmore (Flintstones)

The Fox Reloaded vs Portland Arms (B)

CSC Old Skool vs Girton (B)

White Lion (SWT) vs Blackbull (B)

Portland Cues vs Plough (B)

Histon RBL (Z) vs Milton 8 Ball (E)

Blackbull (A) vs Salisbury Club (B)

Frank Lee Centre vs Hardwick SSC (B)

Sir Isaac Newton (A) vs CSC Penguins

Bar Hill SSC (B) vs Hardwick SSC (A)

Teversham Club (Pistols) vs Hop Bind

Cambridge Uni (B) vs Teversham Club (X-Con)

Carlton Arms vs Histon RBL (B)

Milton 8 Ball (B) vs Sir Isaac Newton (B)

Hat & Rabbit (A) vs Ship (A)

Ship (B) vs Cambridge Uni (A)

Grapes vs Newton SSC (A)

Chestnut Tree vs Dobblers (B)

Dobblers (A) vs Monkfield Arms (A)

Brewery Tap (A) vs Admiral Vernon

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