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Summer 22 TKO format and first round draw date

Below is the list of team which are seeded in the TKO until the 3rd round (this will also include the TKO Plate Winners from Winter 21/22 season).


2. WT’s (YKTD)

3. WT’s Sports Bar

4. Fulbourn Institute (A)

5. King Street Run (A)

6. Rathmore (Arbers)

7. King Street Run (H)

8. Rathmore (B)

9. Red Lion

10. Brewery Tap In’s

11. Fulbourn S.S.C. (R)

12. C.U Allstars

13. White Horse (Milton) Exports

14. Grapes (A)

15. White Horse (Foxton)

16. Fox (L.B)

17. Newnham S.C formally Cambs WMC (Sal A)

18. Sir Isaac Newton

19. Fulbourn S.S.C (IDA)

20. Plough (A)

21. Newton S.S.C (A) – Winners of the TKO Plate.

These are the teams which will be playing in the 1st round of the TKO On 5th May 22.

1. Bar Hill SC

2. Grapes (B)

3. Hardwick S.S.C (A)

4. Tev xcons

5. Histon R.B.L (B)

6. Fulbourn Institute (Amber Army)

7. Milton (A)

8. Tev Pistols

9. Tev A

10. Rathmore (Q)

11. White Horse (Milton) Cues

12. Dobblers (A)

13. White Lion Exiles

14. Milton (OZB)

15. Histon R.B.L (Z)

16. Milton (B)

17. Hopbind

18. Hat & Rabbit

19. Carlton Arms

20. White Horse (A) (SWY)

21. Bottisham CSSC

22. Over CCC

23. Chestnut Tree

24. CU Oldskool

25. Brewery Tap (A)

26. Hardwick S.S.C (B)

27. Dobblers (B)

28. Fulbourn Institute Misfits

29. Milton Arms (Ship)

30. Salisbury Club (B)

31. CWMC (Ship)

32. King Street Run (X)

33. NCI Moonshine

34. Caldecote S.S.C (A)

35. Girton S.C

36. Newton S.S.C (B)

37. Pavillion

38. Milton (C)

39. Bell Inn (Balsham)

40. Whittlesford S.C

41. The Tigers

42. Caldecote S.C (B)

43. Salisbury Club (D)

44. Bye

The TKO draw will be done on Thursday 28th April on a live draw shortly after the evening league matches. So please keep an eye on your numbers.

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