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New Season Starts (Winter 21/22 Season)

Hey guys,

The New Season Starts on 23rd September (Which is just under 3 weeks time) with committee working hard to get things in place ready.

The teams that have entered into the Summer 20 season (as this season didn't happen due to COVID) have been asked if they would like to enter into the new season (Winter 21/22 Season). We did have 75 teams enter in the Summer of the 2020 season and due to COVID that was reduced to 66 teams with a few teams leaving us including CSC Gunz which have play in the league for over 10 years. We have an old team Rathmore (Q) back in division 3 who have taken over the Rathmore (Flintstones) team. Bell Inn (Balsham) are a completely new team which have have been placed in division 6.

There has been an update to website, which will now show out league dates, committee Meetings and the next AGM Meeting.

The Captains should hear from there divisional secretary within the next few days/week.

You may of noticed that Jay Burgess has changed his contact number with committee and the committee as this will make it easier for people who can get hold of him. please save his number 07368 996849 and remove the old one.

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