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League Structure for Summer 2022 Season

Premier League


2. WT’s (YKTD)

3. WT’s Sports Bar

4. Fulbourn Institute (A)

5. King Street Run (A)

6. Rathmore (Arbers)

7. King Street Run (H)

8. Rathmore (B)

9. Brewery Tap In’s

10. Fulbourn SSC (R)

Division 1

1. Red Lion

2. C U Allstars

3. White Horse (Milton) Exports

4. Grapes (A)

5. White Horse (Foxton)

6. Fox (LB)

7. Fulbourn SSC (IDA)

8. The Plough

9. Bar Hill SC – Formally Bar Hill SC (A)

Division 2

1. Newnham SC – formerly CWMC (Sal A)

2. Sir Isaac Newton

3. Grapes (B)

4. Hardwick SSC (A)

5. Tev xcons

6. Histon RBL (B)

7. Tev Pistols

8. Tev A

9. Newton SSC (A)

Division 3

1. Fulbourn Institute (Amber Army)

2. Milton (A)

3. Rathmore (Q)

4. White Horse (Milton) Cues

5. Dobblers (A)

6. White Lion (Exiles)

7. Milton (B)

8. Hopbind

9. Hat & Rabbit

Division 4

1. Milton (OZB)

2. Histon RBL (Z)

3. Carlton Arms

4. White Horse (SWY)

5. Bottisham CSSC

6. Over CCC

7. Chestnut Tree

8. Brewery Tap (A)

9. Hardwick SSC (B)

Division 5

1. The Tigers

2. C U Old Skool

3. Dobblers (B)

4. Fulbourn Institute (Misfits)

5. Milton Arms (Ship)

6. Salisbury Club (B)

7. CWMC (Ship) – formally Chesterton WMC (Ship B)

8. NCI Moonshine

9. Caldecote SC (A)

Division 6

1. King Street Run (X)

2. Girton SC

3. Newton SSC (B)

4. Pavillion

5. Milton (C)

6. Bell Inn (Balsham)

7. Whittlesford SSC

8. Caldecote SC (B)

9. Salisbury Club (D)


Winner of League



New Team


There are no Uni teams in the Summer season as they are a seasonal team.

There are 3 new teams; The Tigers; Caldecote SC (B) and Salisbury Club (D). The Tigers have some players that have played in the league before so a decision was made to not put them into lower leagues so they have been added into division 5.

There are 3 teams that have folded and two of them (WT’s HopBind and Bar Hill SC (B) folded at the beginning of the Winter Season, the other team Milton (D) has also not entered in this season.

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